About the Blog

I had a vision for the past year about becoming a blogger and sharing my lifestyle, beauty secrets, and even my outfits to the world with the hope that I will inspire and empower others to express themselves in a way that will help them be themselves.  I decided this year, in 2017, I should just go for it and stop holding myself back. As someone who liked writing at young age and was not sure how to ease my way back into it, I thought this would be the perfect outlet.   I consider myself a creative person, and I wanted a place where I can express that creativity whether it be through photography, fashion posts, or just about anything really.

About Me

I am, of course, Charleen Marie.  You can simply call me Charleen or Char.  I am a 20 year old college student from the US trying to figure out the real world and accomplish my goals.   I am almost always on the internet, even during my childhood I loved to be on the computer a lot and never wanted to log off and get some sleep.  I have a particular love for photography, fashion, make up, art and even food (mostly oriental Asian food!).

I hope my blog sparks your interests and you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed writing it!