All Seeing Eye


Shirt: Rue 21

Shorts (underneath): Kohls (So Brand)

Stockings: Target

Shoes: Vans (Nintendo x Vans collection)


What’s up? I haven’t posted to my blog in over a month and I feel so bad about it.  Blogging is something I like to do and I promised myself I would post consistently.  April has passed, but May kind of just began so here is my comeback and this time, I’m here to stay.  Today’s look is my way of making street style more “girly” but still edgy and cool.  Funny story: I found this shirt thinking it was part of the ladies’ section but they have rearranged the store I go to and put men’s stuff in that corner instead.  I didn’t really care it was a guy’s shirt as I think the men’s wear in that store is pretty rad.  In general, I like to mix and match and occasionally wear a guy’s shirt, or I’ll just steal shirts from my boyfriend because his fashion sense is honestly fire (check out our duo fashion post here). Anyway, since the shirt is pretty long, I decided I wanted to wear it as a t-shirt dress so I got a large so it would be longer on me. I recommend wearing shorts because there is a slit at the sides and it’s better to be safe.  Finally, I wore my favorite Nintendo x Vans sneakers because it gives it that pop of color (though white is not a color, you know what I mean) and the “gold stripe” matches with all of the gold decorated on the shirt itself.

The shirt was truly a great find and I love the long t-shirt as a dress look, I would wear this or something similar more often during the spring/summer months.  If you’re a guy or even a girl who likes to wear and style men’s clothing I would recommend this store.  There are even great pieces in the women’s section as well.


(P.S. I also have a YouTube Channel now so check out my channel here!  Fashion and Beauty videos are coming soon! Thanks)


Char x


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