March Asos Wanted List

asos wanted list

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Recently, I have found myself constantly browsing the clothing website:  I know many of you have heard of this website before and if not, you need to check it out!  They are a popular clothing website that offer over 850 brands including their own label.  From viewing this website, I have noticed that they have clothing for all types of people no matter what your style is.  I usually “window shop”on their website as depending on how many things you put in your cart it could get quite pricey.  Lately, I’ve been curious to see what the hype is about. I plan to at least purchase one clothing item from them sometime in the near future.

This “Wanted List” features a few items that are stocked up in my saved section.  I have been eyeing these pieces for a day or two, maybe even three.  I wish I could buy my whole Asos saved list, they’re starting to become my favorite website.  Another great perk about Asos is that they even offer a 10% student discount and if you are a college student like me this is a great opportunity to get your favorite items for a fraction of the price.

These items are versatile as we enter into the spring.  There are pieces that are perfect for warmer and cooler days.  My favorite is the ASOS Radiate western boots because as someone who loves boots, you can get away with wearing these on warmer days and not have to worry about your feet getting too hot (I learned that lesson the hard way when I wore my Doc Martens in Florida once.)

Char x


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