Cool and Casual

Charleen’s Outfit: Top – Thrifted // Pants – H&M (similar) // Shoes – Converse // Choker – Forever 21 (Similar) //

Jalen’s Outfit: Top – Rue 21  // Joggers – Rue 21 (similar) // Shoes – Nike

Literally, this day was one of those weird days that felt like spring.  I believe it was about 70 degrees, so it was the perfect opportunity to whip out my thrifted mockneck top that I found in Plato’s Closet (which I really need to go back to, I found some great pieces last year!).  You can wear the top dressed up or down, but because I was feeling a casual look that day I decided to pair the top with my gray/black H&M jeans and some converse.  They were the same shade as the top, I love when my shoes match my shirt.  The best thing about converse are the fact they last forever, although, they do have some wear and tear.  Would you believe me if I said I had these shoes since the eighth grade? 

Now, this wouldn’t be a blog post without my boyfriend Jalen.   My favorite part about this look is how his shoes tie together (no pun intended) with his top.  I just love the ombre top and it has trendy text.  You know you’ve used the phrase “Lit” once, do not lie.  Anyways, Jalen is actually a style inspiration for myself to be honest.  I always thought street style and urban trends were pretty cool, but, my style in that realm didn’t really develop until after we started dating. It’s true when they say your partner influences you.   I love his style and picking pieces that match it whenever we go shopping.  So I wanted to do something I do not see most bloggers do and do fashion posts about both of us.  You can get a men and woman’s perspective from my posts which I think will be cool!  I cannot wait for future fashion posts.



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