Winter Skincare Routine

I’m guilty of sometimes ignoring my skin out of pure laziness. I know I can’t be the only one.  This year, I vowed I would take better care of my face.  I came to this conclusion after being constantly frustrated when foundation sometimes looked weird because of my enlarged pores.

I never suffered from acne or break outs. I maybe got one pimple on my face when it was my time of the month. Although, I never had a problem with my skin, I knew it was still important to wash your face daily. Originally, my go to skincare product was the Neutrogena wave, which I used through out high school and even middle school.  The Wave has never failed me and cleared up my skin and made it feel super soft.

Now, here we are today. I wanted to start a skin care journey because I wanted my make up to look better on my face and feel more confident in it.  I wanted to feel more confident without make up too.  I have dry skin so especially in the cold weather, my skin needs all the hydration it can get.

Products I use:

VP Spin for Perfect Skin – This is my new go to facial brush as I noticed my Neutrogena wasn’t enough for my facial routine any more. After a few uses I would say this brush is promising and will change your life as it did mine. It does a great job at removing any excess make up that is left on your face from using make up wipes. The brush itself is gentle on the skin.  I’m glad I bought it and I would recommend the brush for anyone.

Clinque Pep-Start Eye Cream – This eye cream came as part of a Clinque Full Of Pep Kit when I used my beauty insider points at Sephora.  I started using this product as soon as I noticed darker circles under my eyes, and it actually did the job to clear them up after a few uses. It hydrates the under eyes and leaves them feeling refreshed.  I will probably buy the full size when it runs out.

Clinque Pep-Start 2-1 Exfoliatiating Cleanser – My ride or die facial wash at the moment.  It makes my skin smooth and it is good on dry skin.  The face wash does a good job of removing dead skin and giving your face a nice glow after use.  This product is even gentle enough to use twice a day. I definitely will buy the full product when it runs out.

Clinque Pep Start Hydroblur Moisture – Another product that came with the kit.  I like to use this before I put on my make up.  It helps with dryness and provides a matte surface.  I have had no problems with slipping or sliding when applying make up and it blurs any imperfections such as my pores.  This will be a repurchase as well as I am impressed with this product.

Jean Pierre Micellar Cleansing Water – I have heard so many positive things about micellar cleansing water so I wanted to try it for myself.  I saw this specific brand as I was about to check out at Ulta so it was a random pick up.  I thought the packaging was cute as well.  It is effective with removing your make up with no problem.  The only negative I have about this product is once it gets into your eyes it burns.  Not sure if there is a specific product that doesn’t burn the eyes but, if I find one I’ll let you know.

Botanics Cleansing Toner – When I noticed my pores were out of control I was on the hunt for the toner that will tame them.  I found this in Target and I decided to try it out back in the summer.  My problem areas are mostly around my cheeks and my nose. I noticed an improvement when I used this product.  It has not dried out my skin and it even removes any excess dirt that is left on the skin after cleansing it.  I will keep using this product, it keeps my skin feeling fresh.

Neutrogena Cleansing Towelettes  – These wipes never failed to remove all of my make up, even my stubborn matte lipstick.  I have tried other brands of make up remover wipes but they did not remove my make up as well as the Neutrogena wipes do.  Once you go Neutrogena, you can never go back.  It is also gentle around the eyes and it removes mascara with no issues at all.

Pond’s Dry Skin Cream – My other ride or die product.  This product has been saving my skin since I was a kid.  When I decided to begin my skin care journey I had to return to this product.  I always liked how it made my face feel after use. It makes my skin feel smooth and soft.  I trust this product and will continue to until it fails me, which I doubt it ever will.  It is the best product to use for dry skin hence the name.  It is hypoallergenic, and it won’t clog your pores.

Lush Cosmetics Mask Of Magnaminty – You can’t complete a skin care routine without a face mask.  My first ever face mask I have tried is Mask of Magnaminty by Lush.   I heard great reviews about Lush and always wanted to try their products so I went in one day eager to try a mask and I picked up this one based on areas I wanted focus on with my skin. It deep cleans and feels cooling and tingly upon applying the mask.  It is suitable for most skin types and you leave it on for about fifteen minutes.  What I love about this product is that after washing it off it leaves your skin glowing, smooth, soft, and revitalized.  It also helps with minimizing your pores.  I even like the smell of this product.  The smell reminds me of mint chocolate ice cream.  I cannot wait to get the full size when I run out.


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