Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

It is February 1st which means Valentine’s Day is around the corner.  You’re probably already in a panic, wondering what to even get for your girlfriend, boyfriend, etc.  You keep pondering ideas, but you just cannot come up with something that’s seems “special” and shows that you care.  Never fear, Charleen is here with a gift guide that is guaranteed to make your girlfriend OR boyfriend smile.  I put together a post with items that were pretty affordable with a couple of splurge items if you decide you want to spoil them a bit more.

But do not forget, it is the thought that counts so do not stress so much about finding the perfect gift.


For Her:

  1. SmashBox Cover Shot Eye Pallet – $29 Smashbox has a wide range of pallet options that can fulfill any girl’s needs.  Thank you Shay Mitchell!
  2. Godiva Chocolate – $17 Chocolate is a classic gift, but what girl wouldn’t love chocolate? (there is also a wide range of other chocolate brands if Godiva isn’t really her 1st choice)
  3. Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 – $57 It’s the most popular Instant Film Camera on the market. I personally own the camera in the color Grape and, I adore so much.  A similar splurge item that is on my wishlist is: the Instax Mini Wide 300 which prints out wider pictures. It’s priced at $84.
  4. Huge Teddy Bear – $56 I swear, every girl, including me has wanted a huge stuffed animal so this is your chance to surprise her.  But for a cheaper alternative there are many huge stuffed animals at your local Walmart already out for display for Valentine’s Day.
  5. Forever Red – $45 Bath and Body Work’s most luxurious.  It is pretty fitting for this romantic holiday.  I have smelled it in person, and I thought it was amazing. I would definitely purchase it for myself.
  6. Distressed Sweater Dress – $48 My personal fashion pick for this Valentine’s day is this sweater dress.  I think it’s perfect to dress up or down for a night or a day out.  Every girl’s taste is different though so shop at your own risk.  Check out the rest of the Valentine’s Day range here.
  7. Victrola Record Player – $56 Record players are pretty rad gifts especially, if your girl is into vintage. My boyfriend actually got me one as a birthday present that has additional features compared to this one but if you want to get that one for her instead and spoil her find it here.  It retails at $100.
  8. Engraved Necklace– $37 This is something I think would make a wonderful gift because it’s a bit personal to the both you.  You select the date you both started dating, got married, or engaged, and this company engraves it for you.  This website even has other variations of engraved jewelry.
  9. Kylie Lip Kit – $29 One of the most popular matte lipsticks on the market, everyone wants a Kylie Lip Kit, and I mean everyone.  Why do you think Kylie always sells out so quickly?  I chose Koko K because I think it is a pretty pinky nude, but of course whatever your girl’s favorite lip shade is just go with that.   Kylie is also dropping her Valentine’s Day collection tomorrow at 3pm PST.
  10. Mophie Power Reserve X1 – $30 Because your girl is going to need a continuous charge considering us girls like to be on our phones a lot.

For Him

  1. JBL Clip 2 Speaker – $49 Because music is life, duh!
  2. SEGA Genesis Console – $52 (Some retailers are selling it for $39) This is perfect if your guy is obsessed with Sonic or loves playing the classic 8-bit games.  Even I would love this as a gift!
  3. Midnight for Men – $34 Recently, my boyfriend and I discovered the men’s line in Bath & Body Works and this is one of my favorite scents on him! Another good one in our opinion is: Mahogany Woods which is a little less at $29.  This one has a very woody smell, hence the name but if I was a guy I’d probably wear this too, honestly.
  4. Mophie Power Reserve X2 – $34 Because he needs a continuous charge too, duh!
  5. Fallout 4  -$34 You can pick any  PlayStation 4 or even Xbox game obviously, but Fallout 4 is a personal favorite of mine and the story line is insane!
  6. SkullCandy Uproar Headphones – $29 I’ve tried my boyfriend’s and they have a great sound and bass.  You don’t have to spend the extra money on headphones that are $100 and up.  For a cheaper alternative that sounds great as well is, the JVC Headphones retailing at $15.  I personally own these and when I first listened to music with them I was surprised how much bass it produced.
  7. Distressed Patched Denim Jacket – $40 My men’s fashion pick from Forever 21 is this jacket.  I would probably buy my boyfriend this, and then steal it because I think the jacket is cool as well. Anyways, shop the entire men’s range here because Forever 21 has awesome items for men like they do for women.
  8. Nike Huaraches – $110 THIS IS A SPLURGE.  I bring you this shoe because they are my boyfriend’s favorite shoes at the moment, and he says they are very comfortable.  It’s probably worth it.   I’m thinking about saving for my own. I would recommend this for a girlfriend too honestly.

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